Salita Serbelloni 1Many of my ceramic paintings embark on long journeys to reach their owners. This was the case of the painting “Salita Serbelloni a Bellagio” which I shipped to the United States.


This painting was commissioned to me by an America couple who live in Kansas and it portrays one of the most well-known and picturesque spots in Bellagio. The appeal of this technique lies also in the fact that each layer of colour and every consecutive firing processes can lead to results influenced by the pre-chosen temperature. It is therefore very important to know how to measure out both the colour and the heat of the kiln to obtain the desired result.


Salita Serbelloni 4 Salita Serbelloni 3 Salita Serbelloni 2

Pacco per gli USA

Once the owners received the painting they wrote to me, as often happens, to thank me.

Dear Sonia, our beautiful painting arrived today. It is beautiful. It’s arrived in fine shape and now we’re looking for a place to hang it. Thank you very much“.

Salita Serbelloni incorniciato

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