Billy Graham said: “God gave us two hand: one to receive and the other to give”, this concept highlights the importance and pleasure of sharing.

I have always loved working in contact with people and my art studio in Bellagio allows me every year to meet people from all nationalities and beautify their homes through my creations.

But my passion for beauty, art and creativity is always in need of oxygen and new life, for this reason at the end of the season 2016 in Bellagio, I have decided to start a cycle of art courses, two days a week.

I thus found myself in the new role of teacher and I discovered that sharing their knowledge with other people it is a source of great satisfaction and that, even if we are not all Raphael, the most important thing is to try and have fun…

gruppo corsi

Lesson after lesson, my pupils have learned the technique of Wood Transfer and among many laughs and gossip, everyone has realized a small artwork, sometimes perfect, sometimes inaccurate but always unique.


BettyShort I begin another cycle of courses, mixing and exploring new techniques and styles… If you want to join our working party, contact me… it will be for me a real pleasure.

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