My days are always scanned by the creativity. Not only for the work that I do, but also because I love to decorate the board and the house I would want to reveal you someone my tricks, and to appear that can obtain wonderful results to themselves without spending a capital, using the imagination and few things. In succession I will give you straight a few how to lay the table in original way, with material that you can find without problem, in garden, in the basket of the fruit and in the purse of the decorations. I always do it because it amuses me huge to dress to holiday my house. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year’s Day, each occasion becomes even more special with a decoration, an embellishment or a flower.











For first thing I put all that I would like  to use on the table, then, I begin to do proofs and to assemble different objects. Ivory, green and red, these will be the colours that I will use today.First of all I am responsible for the place card, each host é specially and is therefore which childbirth with the place to sit. I fold the napkin to manners fan and close it with a ribbon in smooth ivory. I add leaves of ivy that I have picked up in my garden and to finish arrange a heart or a flower in white wood.






Now I am responsible for the centroboard. I position the ivy branches in centre to the table, add a red ribbon that, in asymmetrical way, wraps the branches here and there. I complete then the composition arranging the fruits of pomegranate (that with purpose after lunch they will be able to be eaten, I it am greedy), the apples disidratate , the hearts in wood and at last little blackboard where Carolina  has written our names and the date of the marriage.









I stop laying the table adding the glasses, the knives and I am responsible for the place to sit of my little hosts, Carolina adores the yellow colour and here here the place for that one what is the fruit of this love started 17 years ago









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